Paleobars: the new LARABAR.

We’re adding a new little section to our family blog: recipes. Since eating the Paleo way, there’s a little modification to a few things that we enjoy eating, and other things are pretty pricey to pick up each week at the store. Case in point, LARABARS. Love them, but hate spending 50% of each grocery bill on them.

So to keep us in our energy bar habit (yes, all of us, since the boys yell for mine every time I rip open one of those divine things), Hank has been in our testing kitchen. And below is the recipe, step by step. But first, a preface. We use all organic food and spices. The fruit is dried and purchased in bulk at Whole Foods. The nuts are raw, also purchased in bulk. This puts the cost per bar around 70 cents, but if you elect to use non-organic foods and spices you could keep your cost down more. And all you need is your food processor, your ingredients, and some cling wrap. You’ll also need to keep you bars refrigerated.

And here it is, the “original” recipe. You’ll need almonds, pitted dates, organic ground cinnamon, and dried cherries.

First, dump in the almonds and process until finely chopped or ground looking.

Transfer those to a bowl. Next, process the dates, cherries, and cinnamon until they start to stick together and form a ball.

Then add back in the almonds and process until you get the sticky ball again. If the mixture seems too dry, try adding in about four more dates and try it again. Keep doing that until you get to the desired consistency.

They certainly don’t look very appetizing. But they are. Trust me. I ate it out of the bowl like I used to eat raw cookie dough. It’s that good.

Now you’re ready to roll. We’re using leftover red Christmas saran wrap, but feel free to use any color you like.

And now it looks like we have a pile of cabbage rolls. Boy, I’m really not selling this, am I? Oh dear.

Now here’s the recipe.

Paleobars (makes 2 bars, but feel free to double it)

1/4 c heaping, pitted dates
1/4 c dried, pitted cherries
1/3 c raw almonds
1/2 t organic cinnamon

Grind the nuts first, then transfer to a bowl. Process dates, cherries, and cinnamon until mixture forms a sticky mess. Then add back in your almonds and process until you have a slightly-more-dense sticky mess. Divide sticky mess into equal portions and roll ’em up in saran wrap. REFRIGERATE. Unless, of course, you have a machine that seals them in a special material that does not allow any air or light in. Then wrap them in that.

Next week…Banana Bread Paleobars. Mmmmm.