This will sound like a very stupid comment, but here goes.

When it comes to parenting, it can be really hard.

I’ll give you a moment to digest my intellectual prowess. Moment’s up.

So what I mean by this exactly, you know, for today at least, is that I feel like I’m constantly having to stay ahead of the curve with the Goldfish on this chore chart thing. We’ve had several variations, from daily ones to weekly ones, and it seems as though every couple of months I have to come up with something new to grab his attention once again and find a way to motivate him. He craves change and he thrives when it’s put into his world in a good way.

And, oh boy, is he ever on fire right now. Argh, I really wish I could remember which blog wrote about this, but blimey I’m drawing a huge blank. (Now I speak Pirate?!)

My newest, latest and greatest, superb chore chart????



My Job Chart.

It’s awesome. It’s an online one and is based on rewards and teaching your children the value of money. How to spend it, how to budget, and how to save it. There’s even a charitable giving built right in (or you can input your own), and best of all? It’s free to sign up.

I’ve built in rewards like TV time, video game time, and special dates with Mom or Dad, as well as linked up to Amazon so that he can spend some points to buy new books or even save up for a huge prize of a new Wii game.

Pluses for him?

  • He gets time on my computer.
  • He’s learning to type his name and use the computer.
  • He’s looking for ways to satisfy his points checklist: setting the table, clearing it, picking up toys before bedtime, doing his homework on Fridays right after school and putting it safely away in his backpack all ready for Monday mornings. Wow.
  • He is able to check his points right away and see which reward boxes have turned green, meaning that he has enough points to spend on that or that.
  • He is stretching and growing and adding up points and deciding that he wants to support things like The Humane Society, which is where we found the Ellie dog.

Grunge Frame.jpg

Pluses for me?

  • Seeing his confidence grow.
  • Watching him be such a big boy, so willing to find new responsibilities and take care of himself and others.
  • Spending time away from my computer (which I’m on too much) and letting him poke around in his “store.”
  • Having an awesome little helper! He asks to take out the trash!!

And one more thing? I’ve been seeing a phrase like, “I am/was not compensated in any way for this plug,” blah, blah, blah on a lot of blogs lately, so I’m not sure if I should do that, but it applies. I’m just happy when I feel like I’ve hit one out of the park.

Huge smiles from our little spot on the map.