I met these little girls at the Denver Botanic Gardens on a warm summer afternoon, at the peak of zinnias blooming and soft breezes blowing. They looked like two pixies with their white-blonde hair, sun-kissed faces, and bright floral dresses. They also showed me a thing or two about how to wrestle and roll down a grassy, somewhat dirty hill, but magically kept those dresses clean.



I’m pretty sure that they were the cutest things ever.


Even though they had a couple of disagreements followed up with lots of hugs to make up, I found it so funny to see sisters play together. I expected it to be different than when my boys play, but it’s not at all.


There’s still sweetness and orneriness and lots of understanding each other in their own special language.

The little one showed us the proper way to smell a flower.


The older one, well she just has a look about her that knows something that the rest of us don’t.


Sweetness. Both of them. With a just a touch of spice. Happy summer little sprites!