Tonight was meant for friends. We made the short trek to Longmont to share a pie and a pint through stormy weather and a threat of a tornado, Colorado style. (That means we never saw one. In Oklahoma, those darn things tried to kill us annually.) On the way Ewan went from this,

To this.

The poor babe was nearly starved to death by the time we got there. We heard a constant chorus of “sss sss sss” and saw a lot of tummy rubbing along the way. (Both mean “please” to Ewan.)

As we passed the bar I pleaded for a panini, STAT, and two cups of chocolate milk to stave off the case of the hungries that was taking over the bodies of our children. It always scares me, that stage. And when the bread arrived, you’d have thought that Ewan was dictating an assault. He pointed to the bread, then pointed to the olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and then jabbed his little fat finger on his plate. And we, my friends, followed those directions to the letter. He swiped that bread through his concoction like a pro.

I used Hank’s snazzy new point-and-shoot camera so that I wouldn’t grease up any of the super expensive stuff. Got some pretty good self-portraits to prove that I was there. And when I looked at them on my computer, I realized that I was surrounded by a bunch of comedians. Ha. Ha.

Even my darling Holden, who I thought was my wingman of sorts, was in on the joke.

And just for the record, I could never make it as a Sex and the City girl. I ordered a Cosmo and it was the pinkest, most medicinal tasting cup-of-yuck I have ever tasted. Why I thought it would be yummy with pizza, I’ll never know. Blech.

So I went back to doing what I do best. Luring small children with pizza,

And making The Chad look very tiny in relation to the salt shaker and bottles of vinegar and oil.

Amy showed up with her beautiful children after taking a very scenic route. Oh let’s be honest. After they got lost. Way lost. Like an hour late kind of lost. And this chick manages to see a camera in her periphery every time. How does she do that? Such a lovely poser.

(The Chad did not get that periphery-and-posing ability in this one. Pfffft!)

After the feeding frenzy, wrangling of the children, and some pretty good laughs at the expense of friends who were absent, we called it a night.

And a pretty good night it was.