This is gonna be quick, as my right eye is already closing for the evening, but I can’t help but force the darn thing open for a few minutes to post these pics.

It’s about my village. And Holden’s. And now, Ewan’s.

Our playgroup. With the second set of littles.

We moms are no longer freaks. We don’t hover over every movement, every trial in sharing or turn-taking, or every time one of our babies walks from a kitchen to a living area.

It’s actually…relaxing.

Of course, it does help (a lot) when you bribe them with cookies.

logan and cookies.jpg

Of course we told them Santa was watching, just in case someone (not naming names but EWAN!) needed to swipe more than his share of those yummy things. (Wonder why he’s crossing his fingers?!)

ewan and cookies.jpg

And there’s that very special and precious thing about this toddler/preschool age when you get sneaky kisses (they’re not just for the center of cookies, you know).

sweet kisses.jpg

I can’t tell if these two were into it.

Oh wait.

Yes. Yes I can tell. I’m wicked smart when it comes to facial expressions.

no kisses.jpg

You know what else is just plain fantabulous about this age? Their idea of a crazy good smile.

funny smiley faces.jpg

But the moment I brought up princesses, they were mine.

Playgroup 4077.jpg


(They were embodying Ariel, in case you were unaware.)

And the boys? Well…

This one played dead from a shark attack.

Playgroup 4080.jpg

This one played “I’m a scary, scary thing.”

Playgroup 4072.jpg

This one told a story about a battle between the younger ones and the cat’s tail.


This one (again) was just plain goofy.

Playgroup 4089.jpg

And while these girls danced with a funny reindeer who sang Christmas carols to us…

dancing princesses.jpg

He checked his email.

Playgroup 4086.jpg

But then decided it was time to go.

Playgroup 4079.jpg

Playgroup 4078.jpg

Now, before my left eye follows the right into oblivion, I will whisper my gratitude and sweet love for you mommas out there who share your babies with me and my boys.

You mean the world to me, chicas.

Nighty night.