We lived it up again.

Tonight was a hang out night with friends. Ewan wasn’t so sure about the outside part at first, since that would have placed him more than five feet away from “Ma-Moh” (yes, that’s me). (Oh wait. That might mean Elmo. I haven’t figured it out yet.)

Even though he’s being a Where’s Waldo-Ewan here, he’s been my shadow today. So much so that I was ecstatic when we finally arrived at our friends’ house so that I could go to the bathroom all by myself. I had been waiting for about three hours to do that. Hope had been dwindling fast.

Soon after getting there, food was thrown on the table for the short folks.

And soon after food was thrown down, this one began to holla…

Which caused this one to do this.

And this one didn’t know what to do but just giggle over the whole ordeal. Ugh. He’s such a sweaty head.

After the feast, we shuffled outside to watch the kids crash into each other on scooters and dodge flying shovels being wielded by toddlers.

This little one wasn’t so lucky on the dodge. Got nailed right in the forehead. What a trooper, though.

And then to our delight, our friend schooled us all in how to be fashionably pregnant on a cruiser bike. She’s due in 15 days, people. Check it. Man, she rules.

But then, an even MORE AWESOME thing happened. The valve was put on the hose so that the hose could fill up water balloons. I don’t think anyone liked this at all.

Especially this one. Nope. He thought it stunk.

This one, too. Total stink-o-rama.

But then…this happened. Are no adults paying attention?!

Before he could even attempt water shooting out of his nose, a Dad came along and blasted those pesky kids away.

And after all of the balloons were dispersed on and over kids and a parent or two, we bid farewell – wet from equal parts hose water and kid sweat. At least they didn’t fall into bed stinky.

Play well, out there. Play well.