What a whirlwind. I’ve taken a little hiatus from the blog this week, not necessarily by choice, but by necessity. There’s been a lot of disconnect here, but good stuff, too. And we’re getting back on track.

The End of Basketball Season.

These first two pictures make me laugh. They’re not great quality, but they show the goofiness of the season well, I think. They look like they’re doing a goofy dance.

20110305 random 32

And remember Pumpkinhead? I hate scary movies. Even the trailer for that scary movie gave me nightmares. Basketballhead, however, is not scary. I had no idea he’d be on our team.

20110305 random 34

This being the last game until next year, this is the last side shuffle I suppose I’ll see for a while. Sadness.

20110305 random 71

The last “good game.”

Good game

The last team yell.

Team yell

But you know what? It was a great first season of basketball. Really super duper great. Mostly because it ended with a pizza party I think. And that trophy.

20110305 random 2

He looks a little weary here, yes? This basketball stuff was a big deal. He was the youngest, and the smallest, and he had never played before. And he wears his heart on his sleeve. Giving 150% takes a toll on a guy. Especially when waiting on the poor, solo pizza maker who wasn’t expecting about 35 people in his pizza parlor on a slow Saturday morning. I’ve never seen a pizza guy work up a sweat making pie before. Wowza.

20110305 random 3

This one was about to eat the table before the pizza came. Evidently, it was too loud for him. Oh, irony of ironies. I think I’m going to start walking around with my fingers in my ears like that.

20110305 random 10

So what do we do after the end of basketball season?


Gymnastics 2

Again, I apologize for the poor quality of the pics, but I haven’t yet figured out how to chase a two-year-old and take decent pictures in a gym. I don’t suppose I’ll figure that out anytime soon, but that’s not what’s important here anyway, now is it?

What is important, is the belly stamp that you get at the end of “tih-magix” time.


Makes it worth every bounce, every somersault, every slide and balance beam and especially every time your two-year-old crashes in on another coach’s class (yep, I have that kid, God love him).

Needless to say, the camera won’t be going with us to our gymnastics classes for the time being. I gotta be on my game with this one. Plus, he really likes it when I pitch him as far as I can throw him into the foam pit.

I love having boys.

But a word of warning. When you wear yoga pants in the foam pit, the foam blocks might hold on to them even though you’re getting out of the pit. And then you might flash a bright moon to all of the parents of the big kids who are spectating just outside the window of said pit.

I don’t know that personally, though.

On opposite day.

Now, I wear a hat and sunglasses. I’m totally unrecognizable.

Onward on our journey of randomness!

How To Be A Moose.

Yep. A moose. Mooth. The little man took me out for lunch about midweek to his favorite deli, you know, for deli mac and cheese. Forget those stinkin’ sandwiches. As a bonus, there are mootheth everywhere in there. So he figured out how to be one.

Terror moose 2

And then he started flipping around. There’s a lot of travel-while-eating these days. We just go with it.

Terror moose

Then he caught me getting him a cinnamon roll sample.

20110309 random 43

20110309 random 44

I don’t think he was excited. Nope.

20110309 random 46

Mary Pantier Photography  103 of 1

What a goofball.

You know what they did this day? Practiced stuff.


Fish bike

It’s still a little chilly outside, but that’s to be expected. We went from playing outside in flip flops and shorts (I even threw on a swimsuit this week and got a little vitamin D for about 30 minutes during the little man’s nap), to throwing on light jackets and hats. We’ll get there. And I’m so ready. I think we all are.

20110309 random 53

There are skateboards to be ridden and bikes to be crashed.

20110309 random 51

Wishing you a happy week.

And stay tuned…new website to be launched this week. Might be a little sporadic on posts as we work out functionality and kinks and stuff.