reno week 1 and a bow and some arrows.

We have officially wrapped up our first week of our renovation, which has mostly been demolition. All of the carpet has been removed, the kitchen has been gutted, walls have either been removed or taken down to the studs, areas for new windows and doors have been marked and stripped of sheetrock, new electric is being run everywhere, there is a toilet sitting in the living room, and plumbing is being rerouted and redirected and re-I-don’t-know-what. We’ve purchased a stand-alone tub, master bath sinks and faucets, a fireclay farmhouse sink, a kitchen faucet, two ceiling fans, pendant lights for the kitchen, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, and a lot of takeout. Sometime this weekend, we should pick out tile. We’ve had two permits pulled (one for the rough in house stuff; one for the foundation of our new building) and one inspection done. Has it been exciting? Yes, definitely. Is it wearing? Oh my goodness. YES. How are the kids doing? It’s been a little rough. How are Hank & I doing? We’re holding onto each other. Sometimes we look around and have the horrific thought, “Oh my gosh, we bought a DUMP.” But then, we remember our dreams for this place and look around at all we’ve done already. For the most part, I don’t mind this part at all, EXCEPT there are no faucets hooked up. We still have two bathtub/showers working and one toilet working, but we wash our hands and dishes outside. It’s kind of fun, except when I’d like a drink of cold water. :)

Last night we had our first cookout with friends, and it was really quite lovely. The guys played cornhole in the yard while the moms sat and chatted and watched Chicken TV. We watched the clouds and saw the sunlight stream low through them around dinner time – my favorite time of the day – and even though most things are torn to pieces, it really was very relaxing. I look forward to more evenings when the backyard is piled up with friends and kids and babies are being passed back and forth. Back to simple.

Our little baseball nuts have two renewed interests: playing soccer in the backyard and archery. Holden dragged his old target into the back field and has been practicing quite a bit, and Ewan has been turning himself inside out to have a turn. We had explained to Ewan that he had to wait until an adult could be back there as well, and that day finally came.

First, Holden taught me. He walked me through everything: how to put the guards on, how to clip the release and pull the trigger, where to sight it, etc.

0804 farm-016

0804 farm-019


0804 farm-011

0804 farm-015

0804 farm-018

0804 farm-010

0804 farm-009

He was a great teacher. With his guidance, I was able to hit the target every time.

When Ewan found us, Holden taught him, too. I love watching the two of them together like this. Holden always looks so proud of Ewan.

0804 farm-025

0804 farm-029

0804 farm-030

0804 farm-032

0804 farm-033

0804 farm-035

0804 farm-037

0804 farm-038

It was at this at this point that I truly noticed how incredibly shaggy and disheveled the boys look. They both had haircuts yesterday. Yay!

When Hank came around to check, both boys were absolutely beaming.

0804 farm-040

0804 farm-045

0804 farm-048

0804 farm-049

0804 farm-050

0804 farm-051

0804 farm-052

0804 farm-054

I think that those who can teach others make the best learners themselves.

0804 farm-056

0804 farm-057

0804 farm-024

0804 farm-058