Today was the first leg in our trip out of the mountains, across the plains, and to Grandmother’s house…

And, wouldn’t you know it, I made a wrong turn and was headed toward Albuquerque. Seriously. This is a path that I’ve driven more than any other path since we moved here 11 years ago, and I missed the exit for I-70. I-70!! Drove right by it like it was an insignificant dirt road or something. Jeez Louise. Thirty-two miles later, I was back on the Interstate headed east. Nearly had to change my last name to Dumas on that one.

Onward we went. But first and foremost, a pic of my uber swankalicious ghetto mirror.

My real mirror fell off yesterday. It was weird. No one was near it, but it projectiled off its holder and landed mirror-side down on the driveway and shattered. Yep, like it was possessed or something. This dismount caused Holden to look at me in horror and loudly exclaim in his defense, “MOM!! YOUR MIRROR JUST FELL OVER AND BROKE AND I WASN’T EVEN NEAR IT!”

Is the fact that he has a guilty conscience already good or bad? A reflection of him or me? Yikes. Something to ponder…

But on to our trip. Not much exciting and not much stopping since we left so late in the day, but we did have an I-need-to-go-potty-RIGHT-NOW moment from Holden right by this iron horse, which served for a little photo opp.

I really do love the color of wheat growing (please, even if that isn’t wheat, just go with me here and don’t embarrass my Oklahoma-roots-gone-bad). It’s one of the ways my soul gets to sing, it is. You know, like a show tunes kind of singing…”and the waving wheat, can sure smell sweet, when the wind comes right behind the rain! OOOOOOOOOOOOOK-lahoma…” (and also please, I’m kind of famous for messing up the lyrics to every song in the universe, so if those aren’t the right ones, let’s just let that slide, ok? Ok.)

And speaking of wind, it started to pick up.

It blew us here and there and everywhere and although I was driving straight, my steering wheel was pointed to the right a lot to just keep us on the road.

When we finally turned south, which on this route means you’re in Kansas and are now headed toward Oklahoma instead of Missouri, we stopped for dinner. And boy oh boy were the monsters ready for a break.

So after some deliciousness served up by Schlotzsky’s, we were back at it. Until 2 a.m. we were at it. Whew, was I ever glad to step out of my air-conditioned car, into the humidity, and back into air-conditioned loveliness in the form of a waiting bed, on which I fell asleep right away fully clothed with Ewan in my arms and Holden by my side.

It’s good to see the plains again.