a rocket, an eyeball, and a brain.

Late last night we had a pretty squirmy visitor crawl into bed with us.

Um…yuck. That sounds like an icky bug. Let me start over.

There was a pretty hot body in our bed last night.


Our 5yo has a FEVER.

I am a little tired. Ewan came in and snuggled up with us in the middle of the night, and around 5 am I realized how fever-hot his little hands and cheeks felt. Since he was an infant, he’s been able to cuddle closer than anyone I’ve ever known. He can find every nook and crooked cranny on you and settle in there, just right, and for such a little fireball of a personality, he sure does have a sweet side.

After his medicine kicked in, I found him on the floor rummaging through the snack basket – always a good sign.

0123 ewan-001


After two snacks and a sandwich, he decided that we needed to do something together (you know, because I hadn’t been busy cutting up strawberries and finding fruit snacks and making sandwiches and pouring juice and making hot tea), so he fished out a new rocket that required a chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar in order to launch.

I was in.

0123 ewan-002 0123 ewan-003 0123 ewan-004 0123 ewan-005 0123 ewan-006


You guys. We tried five times.


(Also, cat butt photobomb.)


The rocket was supposed to soar up to 50′. I think we got about three.

0123 ewan-010

It called for vinegar, but all I had was apple cider vinegar. Could this be why?

I asked Todd Helton and he just looked at me like I was dumb and then refused to look at me forever.

0123 ewan-012 0123 ewan-011

So I took a picture of the pretty ice crystals encasing our hen and chicks.

0123 ewan-013


Lemonade out of lemons.

We came inside and watched YouTube videos, Ewan’s choice, on how to dissect cow eyeballs and human brains.