What a great win! 10-2 v. Phillies. Rox rule.

Highlights from the game:

  • After three years of going to Rox games and waiting for the ball to come close enough to catch, Mary had to duck and cover Ewan from getting hit with two balls: one homer by Atkins and one thrown in the stands by Spilly. Seriously. One landed on the person right in front of her, the other almost hit a young girl in the head right behind her. Mary’s convinced she can now be a stunt double.
  • It was Ewan’s first MLB game. Seven weeks old is not too young to start loving baseball.
  • Holden had his first strawberry squishie. It actually lasted the entire game.
  • Hank bought his new game hat for the season. Seems to be lucky and it will be removed from his head sometime in October.
  • No one got sunburned.
  • We were running a little late and had to walk 3/4 mile to get to Coors Field.
  • Holden sang almost all of the words to “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”
  • Ewan laughed for the first time ever during the game, but we couldn’t hear it. Mary felt him laughing because she was rubbing his tummy. (He laughed again later tonight – it was AWESOME.)