Roy G. Biv.

With all of this to-ing and fro-ing we’ve done trying to squeeze in the last few summer weekend trips and make the last-minute playdates here and there, our creative juices have been on the back burner.

That is, until the Mr. Biv container was hauled out one quiet morning.



It was just what was needed as little fingers started making their pudgy way into repurposed egg cartons full of paint.





I’m not sure if he looks more like Jackson Pollock or a Halloween makeup artist.








That last schmear of paint actually did look a little alarming in his hair. Thank goodness for the washable paints.

A morning of painting is bound to wear a person out. Or maybe it’s just settling into this newish routine of ours and noticing the quiet cues of, “I’m sleepy.”




We’ve melted into this new way of daily life quite nicely, I think. Exploring in the mornings, retreating in the afternoons. Then up and ready again just in time to battle through the craziness of the elementary school parking and pick-up situation to retrieve big brother.

It was time for this change, and I must say that it’s done very well by us. I’m thankful that life shifts us into new seasons so that we’re always aware of the more that’s out there just waiting. I’m not so sure that I’d seek it out if left to my own.

So here’s a big “thank you,” Roy, for the reminder. If you were a rainbow, this day would have been that pot of gold at the end.