Santa Hats, Firefighters, and RAOK.

They made the Random Acts of Kindness list. I think that they’ll always be on the list because of that one party for some 2yo earlier this year. And on this, Day 17 of the RAOK Tree, we delivered.

20111217 santa hats 1

We made Santa Hat Brownie Bites. And also, we might have had a couple before delivering the final batch.

20111217 santa hats 4

Our firefighters in our neighborhood are awesome. Not only do they do all of their normal awesome things, but they sponsor toy drives, dress up like Santa and walk the neighborhoods, and come to your house for your birthday.

The little guy was too busy saying, “Merry Kwissmass” to actually look at the camera.

20111217 santa hats 2

But he wasn’t too busy to show me how very exciting this delivery was.

20111217 santa hats 3

Oh boy. Happy Weekend!