seek and ye shall find.

We had approximately 162 minutes of really good sunshine today. Then suddenly, things were a little too quiet in the backyard.

0524 boys-002

It was like a vanishing.

0524 boys-005
0524 boys-006

Ah. THEN I started to figure it out.

0524 boys-004

Seems as though they hadn’t had their fill of water.

0524 boys-008

0524 boys-010

0524 boys-013

There was a quick game of RoShamBo to determine the next move…

0524 boys-015
0524 boys-014

A high-pants pull…

0524 boys-016

And then the loser pulled a fast one on the winner and the tables were quickly turned.

0524 boys-018


0524 boys-028

0524 boys-019

0524 boys-021

0524 boys-030

I’m not quite sure what happened next…but it looked chilly.



0524 boys-037

0524 boys-047

0524 boys-048

0524 boys-045

0524 boys-043

0524 boys-003

And then we ran inside because the storm rolled in.

They didn’t want to get wet.