Ewan and I have had a stay-in-our-jammies day today, although his are way cuter than mine. The munchkin has had a heckuva fever that came on last night and resulted in some quality cuddle time about 2 a.m. with me, and again at 4 a.m. with Dad. So, after his healthy, albeit small, breakfast of dried fruit, apple juice, and a little smoothie (which you can see remnants of on that cute chubster face), and then my awesome-swimsuit-figure-producing breakfast of coffee, smoothie, and leftover pizza (I have no idea what I was thinking. Oh wait, I wasn’t. I’m too tired.), we read a book a few times and he practiced walking.

Lots of pointing nowadays. He loves hearing the names of things at which he’s pointing.

This is a particularly excellent page.

Little baddha konasana baby.

“Do your practice and all is coming.” Someday…he will take steps on his own. Someday. Until then, practice, practice, practice.

Then again, his feet might be too round, just yet, for walking.

Time for a ride instead of a walk. (Thank you to our friend, Ben, for loaning us the hippo.)

The end. Complete with unidentified something-or-other stuck to the bottom of his marshmallow foot.

P.S. I love Infant’s Motrin. It momentarily turns this:

Into this: