When our friends from college were here with their boys over the break between Christmas and New Year’s, I had the opp to snap a few pics of a pretty good case of the sillies.

p boys 4191.jpg

It was dark outside and a little dull on the lighting indoors, but it did make for some pretty fun black-and-whites.

p boys 4196.jpg

They were pretty stoked about a pillow fight and some bouncing on my bed, but in my process of still learning photography (always will be in that process, I think/hope), some heads were cut off and body parts were pretty blurry. Just trust me when I say, though, it was FUN. And when I do learn how to take those shots well, they will be mighty.

p boys 4197.jpg

There were a couple of moments of pause, which offered a glimpse of some pretty cute freckles.

p boys 4190.jpg

And then we took off like Jedi knights in search of lost light sabers and headed for the basement.

p boys 4193.jpg

I love toes that curl up in moments of glee.

p boys 4192.jpg

A couple of nice shots for the momma,

p boys 4194.jpg

p boys 4195.jpg

And that was all they could stand. They changed out of their nice shirts and into fighting clothes quicker than I could snap continuous pictures.

Not too shabby for an ISO set too high and an aperture set too wide.