Simple Sundays.

Sundays have always had a different rhythm than other days, ever since I was a little girl.

Church. Family. Food. Napping.

Just quietly steeping in the lulls of each moment, of what, simply, is.

Sundays lately have been a little nostalgic: calling me to pull out the Crockpot and make a good roast complete with gravy, slipping into comfy clothes in the afternoons with my nose in a good book (okay, that one’s different, because it’s my Kindle…), and twice recently, making snickerdoodle cookies – my dad’s favorite.

0107 Misc-005

This recipe has been in The Thomas Family Cookbook for about 30 years or so, and I think I’ve only made it five times – twice within the last month.

Must be missing my dad. :)0107 Misc-006 0107 Misc-008

I love that anytime something is being baked in the kitchen, there are urgent pleas of, “Can I help?!”

0107 Misc-009 0107 Misc-010 0107 Misc-011 0107 Misc-012

Thankfully, Spiderman also popped up to help with the rolling.

0107 Misc-013 0107 Misc-017 0107 Misc-018 0107 Misc-019 0107 Misc-021

And wouldn’t you know it, but one of my cookie sheets was in the freezer with blueberries on it, because there was a blueberry special at the market and I brought home lots and lots to freeze for future smoothies. I retrieved said cookie sheet, rollied pollied those little frozen antioxidant wonders into a big ziploc bag, and then proceeded to dare my children to put the ice cold cookie sheet on their backs and bellies to see if it was really cold.

Of course I enlisted Hank’s help.

0107 Misc-024 0107 Misc-027 0107 Misc-028

It was cold, alright.

I love that they take my dares without wanting any compensation. Yet.

Back to the serious biz of cooling cookies…0107 Misc-037

And even more serious…

Taste testing.0107 Misc-039 0107 Misc-043 0107 Misc-044

And no, they’re not Paleo. ;)