It has arrived! The six-month mark! Everyone says, “time flies,” when it comes to these little ones and it has to be going at mach speed.


  • Height: 27 1/4″
  • Weight: 19 lbs

For perspective, Holden was almost as tall but weighed only 16 lbs, 14 oz at the same age. We are still proud parents of a chunky monkey. A drooling, teething, sometimes grumpy but mostly joyously happy chunk monkey.

Current loves:

  • Rolling
  • Chattering and rolling his tongue
  • Eating real food, but nothing pureed. If he can steal it from you, all the better
  • Holden
  • Outside
  • His jumperoo
  • Flapping his arms
  • Bathtime
  • The song, “Hush Little Baby”, but only when Mommy sings it. He actually laughs every time

Things he’d rather do without:

  • Pureed baby food
  • Anything in a dropper: medicine, vitamins, food, etc
  • Going to sleep by himself or without a boob handy
  • Poopy diapers
  • Being left out of the action
  • Interest in crawling. Rolling gets the job done. Eventually.