Last Saturday, I spent some time preparing, going through the archived photo files and traipsing down ol’ memory lane.

Sunday, I thought about getting a move on, then remembered something else I had previously put off and went off to do that instead.

Monday, I have no idea what happened, and Tuesday, I overbooked.

Today I can breathe. But only for the next 15 minutes. Jeez.

So the point? The point. I, unlike the rest of the responsible, loving, and with-it mom bloggers, neglected to post a Happy Father’s Day post.

So with the speed of a sloth, here are a few of my favorite moments.

Three of the five generations of Roberts, with six-week-old Robert Holden. Love.

Holden’s first bike ride, at younger than the prescribed six months. Woops.

Holden and Daddy celebrate the first six months of Daddyhood.

Christmas tree hunting, 2006.

The first camping trip, 2007. Or, bliss in galoshes.

Pumpkin hunting, October 2008. This is true Daddy love. His knees were jammed into his throat. In fact, Hank reported that he was quite sure this form of torture was used to get captured bad guys to talk.

What a great team.

And then we welcomed a new team member. They don’t look very much alike, though.

Celebrating another first six months, this time with Ewan.

A day at Sunflower Farm.

Some kind of crazy coolness.

Launching the Terror.

Only Daddy can play hoops the right way.

Only Dad can give rides on the scooter and manage to take a self-portrait safely.

And only Daddy can sweetly corral the two maniacs in the pool.

He makes me swoon.

And here he is with his own Dad. My, what a handsome pair.

Hank, thank you for the kind of Dad that you are: generous, fun-loving, adventurous, and incredibly supportive. These are the greatest qualities that I see growing in our boys.

You rock.