Smiling is my favorite.

Do your kids argue? Ours argue over whose feet were bigger at a certain age, and whose eyes actually closed first when they went to sleep, and who smells better when they use THE SAME FREAKING SOAP even. 

Today, they were arguing over licks of ice cream about how to smile for school picture day.

Holden’s smile has morphed into a poop smile. He doesn’t know how that happened, but he freezes when he’s supposed to smile and looks like a cross between sleeping and pooping.

The 9yo was trying to coach him on smiling with his eyes…and…um…now he just looks, I don’t know. Like someone passed gas? I don’t know what’s happening here.

So, this here might be as good as it gets. The cheeeeeeese smile. 

The eighth grade yearbook is gonna rock it hard this year. Yay awkward.