Since our boys loooooove smoothies, I’ve started sneaking in things that they don’t necessarily love. And you know what? As long as the smoothie remains pink, Holden will drink just about anything in there. Ewan hasn’t attached himself to colors, yet, he just knows that whatever comes out of the blender is bound to be yummy.

Here’s a favorite “recipe” of ours:

Take a bunch of spinach. That means a lot. Like half a blender full, but not packed down.

Spinach is so beautiful. I really think it is, and yes I know that’s weird to say. But I don’t really like eating it raw, because it makes my teeth feel fuzzy. And I REALLY don’t like it wilted, because that’s just blech. But in my smoothie, it’s oh so yummy.

Next, break a banana or two and put it in there. Add a handful of baby carrots or some carrot juice (we like Odwalla carrot juice).

Next, I throw in a whole bunch of organic, frozen berries, followed by some orange juice and either coconut or almond milk. That’s it. Blend it up and watch what happens.

They can’t wait for their smoothies. And we make a whole blender-full so that there’s enough to go around.

It just starts our day off right.

And there’s just enough sweet taste in there to make everything so so so good.

Yep. These boys are the kings of smoothies. The smoothie kings. The king-a-smooths. The smootharamas. The…oh never mind.