Last Wednesday, we had a glorious day. There were piles and piles of snow when we woke up.

And someone was very happy about his snow day.

We dug the sled out of the garage, and there’s Holden, getting ready for his first ride down.

And there he goes, the first push. This is mach speed. Truly.

More than a little pleased with himself.

Ewan looks on for a bit…

And then decides to take the sled for a spin.

And spin he did.

Holden decides to get serious about it. Locked and loaded, baby.

He started the trek back up the hill.

Traded the goggles back for Mickey Mouse sunglasses and … watch out world!

This really is MACH SPEED.

Evidently, the tighter you tie your hat on, AND the more backwards you wear it, the better you are at sledding.

Er, or jumping up very high and booty sledding down instead.

And…we’re back up at the top…

And we’re back at the bottom.

It really was a great day.