Remember that feeling when you graduated high school? The one that was rooted in, “I’m so over high school” and there were backup singers going on and on about, “I’m gonna take the world by storm…”

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That’s the song my nephew sang this past weekend, and we all chimed right along with him, harmonizing and singing off-key all the same to create a glorious send off into his next adventure: first a trip to Greece, then into his college career.

But first, we had a couple of extra special and expert cookie tasters.

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20110527 Day 2 OK 2

Cookie monsters

The cookies passed the test, thank goodness. They were lethal. These Oklahomans sure know their way around the cookie kingdom. Wowza.

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Someone else was pretty excited about those cookies. I think he might have graduated as ValCookieMonsterdictorian.

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This one’s gonna take the world by storm.

And all of these folks will support him.

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Fmaily 2

In church this weekend, the pastor talked a lot about sacrifice; specifically, its meaning. Sacrifice, he said, was a surrender of something of value as a means of gaining something more valuable.

I wrote that down.

Reminds me a lot of parenting.

Reminds me a lot of all of the paths we take along the way to make sure that our kids are ready for that next step. To make sure that they’ll know what to do when they fall, succeed, and everything in between. Even if its as simple as just getting back up.

Because we’re so over you, Zeke. Ha. Just kidding. Happy graduation, nephew. Happy next steps, happy college (even though it’s a blech one), and happy next chapter. You are awesome.

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