So tasty. So very very tasty. And it’s fish!

I have to share this oh-so-yummy recipe, and it’s a toss up of love by me, for the pure tasty factor, and the boys and hubs, who are very picky when it comes to eating fish.


There are four ingredients. FOUR!

And you will become a most impressive person in the kitchen just for serving this.

Here’s my tip: Costco sells individually vacuum-wrapped tilapia filets. Thaw about four of them in a bowl of cool water in about the time it takes you to mix 1/2 cup of stone ground mustard and two tablespoons of local honey together, and run about a cup of pecans through your food processor to chop them up coarsely. Do it.

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Once that’s laid out and ready, pat the filets dry, then roll them in the honey/mustard and follow up with a dredging of crushed pecans. Place them in a glass casserole (you can butter your dish or use coconut oil to coat your casserole), bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, and voila. With a very light sprinkle of sea salt across the top of the filets, you have created one of our yummiest, go-to meals.

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Serve with some sauteed sugar snap peas tossed with roasted garlic and a side of fresh strawberries.

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Kid rating? Well. It gets the googolplex rating. Seriously. The 6yo eats an entire filet and half of another, every time. And he swore that it makes his brain smarter; in fact, he showed me by quickly adding 100 + 100 = 200, not 115 like his friend had deduced.

So funny.

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Recipe modified from Everyday Paleo here, one of my very favorite blogs about eating paleo as a family.