Spring soccer started this week, and with it the teaming up of Holden and his friend, Samwise, otherwise known simply as, Sam. Sam and Holden’s relationship, up until this point, has largely consisted of Star Wars lightsaber playdates. They save the galaxy on a regular basis.

Having Sam on his team has produced a new edge to Holden’s competitiveness and desire to beat the other team, the lowly Raisins. Yes, the Pumpkins, as Holden’s team is called, is on the rampage. And the further you can stick out your tongue, the faster you are I guess.

Ewan is enjoying his twice weekly date with soccer balls and sunshine, too.

As well as a walk through the grass and sand with Sam’s older sister. I especially enjoy his cankles, squishing out over his shoes.

Holden gets a tip or two from his teammates.

And after a somersault,

He scores.

Sam is pretty proud of his friend, still leaping in the background.

Then Holden did this,

Which weirded Ewan out, so he decided to leave.

And with no segue whatsoever, my parting shots to you are these: Holden has learned to blow up his own balloons. (He’s not really cross-eyed; for some reason, though, he can’t stop watching the balloon as it gets more air. This child is oh so weird. We love weird around here.)