It’s been a little bit of a struggle to get the ‘Fish to read. He loves listening to stories, either by someone or on his iPod, and he loves movies, but reading? It’s been frustrating for him.

His other subjects come pretty darn easily for him. Sports do, too. So when reading and writing came along, he realized he had to practice those things much more than he has had to practice anything else. It’s made him feel a little inadequate, because it’s a new feeling for him.

It’s been a pretty great learning thing, to struggle through something and then have a big huge lightbulb go off recently.

20111212 homework 2

He comes home from school everyday and reads for 15 minutes (all of his classmates do; it’s their daily homework).

20111212 homework 3

And recently, his teacher has been firing off emails like crazy to let us know that he’s jetting up the reading levels ladder, and his confidence is growing a lot.

20111212 homework 4

He picks some weird spots to do his reading, but whatever works.

This one picks some weird spots to do his snacking, but again, whatever works.

20111212 homework 1

20111212 homework 5

So kudos to the ‘Fish. I was the geeky girl with her nose in her books growing up, and not that I’d wish that on him (the geeky, nerdy part), but I will give him a big welcome to the reading club.

So… welcome, baby. Proud of you.

20111212 homework 6