One thing that my 365 coffee project has taught me is that it’s not always comfortable or practical or possible to lug my big camera with me on my little coffee shop visits. It can be intimidating and become quite the show.

Enter a point-and-shoot option – the Sony RX100ii.

Dude. The camera comes with a non-interchangeable Zeiss lens. ZEISS. I had to try.

Our 5yo lovebug was in a perfectly pouty mood this morning, which lent very well to him being still. Bah. Anyhoo, the first set is shot on the Sony, in .jpg format, 1/125 sec at f1.8, ISO 160. All backlit, and all edited in LR4 with VSCO film presets.

0323 ewan-1

0323 ewan-2 0323 ewan-3 0323 ewan-4


What do you think? Here are my observations:

– the bokeh isn’t as lush as I would have thought at 1.8, but shadow and highlight range are awesome.

– his skintone is much warmer, but this could be due to being shot in .jpg v. RAW; my next test will be in RAW.

– I’m actually pretty impressed that these are from a P&S camera! Even with a crop format, I love how much of the story I get here.

Here are my Canon shots, out of my Canon 5dMiii, 35mmL lens. All data is 1/160 sec at f/2.2, ISO 400 (a couple were at 1/400 due to my position change which resulted in a lighting change). Again, all edits in LR4 with VSCO film presets (the same presets as with the Sony, but for Canon specifically – VSCO offers their presets specific to camera maker, which is AWESOME).

0323 ewan-5 0323 ewan-6 0323 ewan-7 0323 ewan-9


Again, what do you think?! My observations here were that I prefer the bokeh with my Canon better, and the skintone is more even (more true to his skintone because he’s less ruddy and not as shadowed under his eyes), BUT I’m very interested to shoot the Sony in RAW to see if that changes. You guys. POINT. AND. SHOOT. ON THOSE PICTURES AT THE TOP. I think that if I played around with the Sony a bit more, I could dial some of the skintone differences and exposure variation in and really come up with some great shots. I do wish he had catchlights in his eyes, but it kind of lends to his grumpalicious mood of the morning by not having them there. It allowed him to have that deadpan look. (Man, I’m hammering that poutiness home, aren’t I? It was a little taxing today…please just feel sorry for us. OMG.)

I’d love any input. What do you think I should test next between the two cameras?