south by midwest

Let’s talk biscuits.

I love them. But, I do admit that I’m a biscuit snob. 

And do you know who makes the best biscuits? That’s right. My momma.

I claim southern roots. In all honesty, I’m more south-by-midwest. SXMW, for those of you with me.

I love southern manners. Southern men. The way southern women can put you right in your place with a well placed, “Bless your heart.” Southern beaches are among my favorite. 

Biscuits are southern. And I do love biscuits.

I even have a Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. t-shirt. I wear it often enough that someone recently asked me if I own the company. If I would have been eating a biscuit right then and there, I would have choked on it.

However, I do realize that I *might* need to put down the biscuits in exchange for a healthier option from time to time. I’m doing a self-imposed challenge for a few weeks with working out and drinking this stuff.

It’s pretty yummy, and with the amount of energy I feel from a quick, 2-oz shot of this, I could probably make about a billion biscuits in 30 minutes flat. ;)

Did you know that Young Living® offers supplements and such? 

I’m pleased to make Ningxia Red’s acquaintance, thank you very much. Y’all might do the same.