Spiders and serious gagging noises.

As I type this, there’s music weaving through the boys’ bedtime story being played on my computer, and I can see The ‘Fish keeping time to the beat with shadow puppets dancing across the closet door as The Rev’s eyes are droop droop drooping. This has been our bedtime ritual for a few months, and while I’ve thought a lot about the time it takes, I’ve weighed it against the fact that Hank nor I will be needed long in this way, and within the next several months I suppose bedtimes will go more quietly and smoothly. I don’t mind sitting in their room while they drift off. Most nights. Sometimes I can’t wait to get out of here and have some time to myself or alone with Hank, but for now, it works.

This time in here also gives me time to look back on our day and let it sink in a little more. The time with the boys, the time alone, laughing with friends, being frustrated with slow dinner time. Watching Hank wrap a sopping wet toddler up in a really big fluffy towel, then snuggle with him on the chair in the loft to sing him his favorite songs while I stand in the shadows, struck by how sexy I think that is.

It’s all about the small stuff.

You can see it everywhere. Just take a breath and look around. As I watched our older boy get ready for his first Fall Festival at school, I saw that small stuff again. Off he set, still a little sweaty from his football game, down a quiet sidewalk and into the mayhem.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 203

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 208

Locked. And. Loaded.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 211

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 213

I know that I go on and on about my awesome small town, and I’m glad that you hear me out, because it really is just so very amazing. There is a feeling here that I’ve not felt before, looking around at every venue and settling in better and more comfortably because I see friendly faces everywhere.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 214 2

It reaffirms that we’re in a great spot. It reaffirms that there are people I’ve come to love, loving my kids even when I might not be looking.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 215

I just don’t know how it could be any better.

Well. I didn’t, until I saw him light up here.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 224

There were games and crafts and food and a bouncy castle. It was a sight to behold.

Women I’ve known since The ‘Fish was in preschool are here, too, pitching in, fundraising, and pretty much just rockin’ it out.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 216

Hank and his Dad even hung out with the principal for awhile. And no one was even in trouble.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 247

I never thought I’d see the day. Awesome.

The little guy saw this…

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 225

And decided that he would very much like a thpider on his face. So we waited in line. For a while. And he got tired.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 229

When it was finally his turn, he looked at me and said, “No way.” So I did what I thought I should do and asked him if he would rather I get a spider painted on my face.

Those of you who know me, know that I do not like spiders. I tolerate them and welcome them outside in my garden, but it took a very deep commitment on my part to stop squishing them or running like hell whenever I saw them, 1.) because I didn’t want my boys to freak out about them, and 2.) I gave up squishing them as my exercise in non-violence, or ahimsa, in my yoga teacher training. Seriously. I really did.


Oh help me, but I let that sweet woman paint one on my face. This lesson in ahimsa just smacks me around sometimes, I swear.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 231

He wouldn’t even let me kiss him with my face painted. What a turdbucket.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 235

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 237

He squirmed away from me and went off with his Granddaddy to steal candy corn out of the cauldron on the bake sale table.

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 243

When I finally caught up with them, they looked at me like this…

20111021 1021 Friday Night Lights 249

And I was toast.

Gosh they’re cute.


Right after this, the 6yo gagged a little because of the spit collection in his mouth due to his vampire teeth and almost puked on me. Totally did the hard gag and his eyes watered a little.

Omalord I nearly peed my pants.

Hoping you’re enjoying your very own buildup to Halloween toothaches and festivities. Over and out, ghouls and boils.