These might not be for the faint of heart. At least not the first couple. I hadn’t noticed before that strategically placing one’s body over the water ejectors is all kinds of fun at the splash park until my friend, Kim, started snapping away and I realized what Holden was doing. But do not fear, all the kids were doing it.

These pics are sooooo coming out out of the box for senior yearbook time.

And now for the rated G portion of this post.

The Terror may have been a bit cranky at times. But I might be, too, if I needed a good face wipe after eating yogurt covered pretzels.

The daredevil that is Holden. This particular slide has a mean right hook that nearly sends people sailing. I mistakenly went down once. Well, I went halfway down then checked my right hip and did an unwilling and ungraceful dismount onto the ground. But that was so 3 years ago.

The Fantastic Flying E. Sounds like a new dude ranch.

Our rock stars.

And Holden’s sign off. It’s always awesome and never subtle. Just like him.

Thank you Kim Jones Photography!