Spud. {family/maternity session}

I’ve known Mara for nearly a year now and she never ceases to inspire me. She’s a fellow CrossFitter and has continued her workouts (as prescribed, for those of you out there knowing what that means) throughout her pregnancy; she’s now about 34 weeks. Just this past week, I finally heard her whisper between breaths while doing full pushups, “These are going to have to go.” This was after doing full pull ups. A lot of them. And situps with a medicine ball and wall balls. And all of the other stuff, like jumping rope and rowing.


She’s a beautiful mom to two young boys, a happy wife, and just simply one of the highlights of my day. After spending time with her and her men, it’s even more evident.

Harner family collage

They embrace the B-O-Y in boys and for that, hold a special place in my heart. Water, mud, farm animals, hay; it’s all welcomed, expected, and soon they’ll be throwing another little boy in the mix, nicknamed Spud. (Or Tractor, courtesy of her three-year-old.)

Harner family collage 2

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Mom and Dad just take it all in stride.

20110507 Harner 32


She looks like she could shoot baskets with what’s she smuggling in there. And those two? They’ll steal your heart right away.

Harner boys

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I think I fell right in love with both of those little boys. One, for his awesome toothless grin and the other, for those eyes. Sheesh.

The case of the missing teeth

Wonder what this one’s secret weapon will be?

20110507 Harner 65

We’ll find out soon, yes?

How they met |  at a friend’s wedding

How they dated |  long-distance style

Married |  nine years

Place they call home |  Colorado

Boys |  six and three

New addition |  July 2011

Mara’s favorite thing |  being surrounded by stinky boys