Squeaky clean. Yeah right.

Remember the smell of freshly bathed baby skin? I do. So powdery and soft. The little downy fuzz of their heads that just begged to be kissed. I ran my lips across their heads until my mouth was nearly numb, then tucked my babies in closely until they fell sweetly to sleep.

Now they’re just a couple of stinkpots.

20111215 bathtub goldfish 1

They smell a little sweaty most of the time. And even after their baths, I still have to ask them to wash their faces.

20111215 bathtub 1

Why is that even when they’re fresh out of the tub they don’t smell like powdery babies anymore?

20111215 bathtub 2

20111215 bathtub 3

Maybe because they bathe with metal cars.

There was that one time that our 6yo used my Aveda shampoo as bubble bath, and he smelled awesome for almost a whole day.

20111215 bathtub 4

Nowadays the tub seems dirtier after they’re “clean” than before they got in.

20111215 bathtub 5

20111215 bathtub 7

Probably because they don’t really touch the soap at all. They just hover above the water until I’m not looking and then jump out to run around the house for “naked time”.

20111215 bathtub 6

20111215 bathtub 8


I think next week I’m going to call a general contractor to install a drain in the middle of the house and then I’m buying a power washer.

Yep. That should do it.