Still eating.

We’re all finally finding our old rhythm now that we’ve officially returned from our mini-vaca to the Oregon Coast. Well…maybe not officially since the only thing that I’ve unpacked from my own suitcase is my hair brush (I don’t know why I even took it – my hair was wild and free the entire time in all of its 1990’s glory) and my Wellies. We brought back some of that Pacific Northwest weather on our raincoattails and I nearly slipped back into those bright red boots just for the heck of it. But instead, I just stared at loads of laundry until Hank did them all (sorry babe, but thank you babe) and waited patiently for our Stumptown coffee order to arrive via snail mail. Seriously. We’ve been begrudgingly motoring through all of our other coffee so that we can just focus on our new find.

On the day that gas prices seem to soar even higher, The Rev and I slid into the car and made the drive into Boulder to meet Hank for lunch. He chatted nonstop about “Boder” and “Daddyth at wook” and the clearest sentence of all, “Let’th go EAT!” And Boulder did not disappoint. To be more specific, Mountain Sun did not disappoint.

The little guy was very hungry all of a sudden, so Hank did his best to keep him otherwise occupied.

Rev and dad

I’m not sure which one of them was having a better time.


But then this happened.

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 20

And this was the response it got.

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 16

Which escalated into this.


After a little lesson in placement – you remember, right – the ol’ lift-your-eyebrows-and-then-stick-the-chip-over-your-eye-while-you-squint trick? We think he got it.

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 24

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 25

Yep. Definitely got it. Look at that bit of upper eyelid holding that chip in, there. That’s talent. He’s a quick study, people.

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 26

I think that this whole process probably occupied about 1.5 minutes. We moved on.

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 31

Hmmmm. Not sure yet. But getting there.

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 32

As if to say, “You mean, I’m allowed to knock these down? And I won’t even have to stand in the corner?” Ha.

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 34

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 36

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 37

I think he got that, too.

Sorry I keep saying, “got.” I was taught that “got” was not a good word choice, ever. Guess it just never stuck.

Chip towers. We were kind of looking a lot panicked by this point, searching around for the food bearer, and were trying every chip-domino configuration we could think of to stave off the window of patience snapping shut. I know you parents out there know this window well; it’s like you can physically hear that sucker slam down, and bad things start to happen in the behavior of your spawn(s).Chips

One thing has become abundantly clear as a huge difference between our two boys. While The G’fish (much to my horror!) could literally have every meal be cereal, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, pizza, or peanut butter and jelly, The Rev is a food gourmet. I mistakenly ordered him a quesadilla from the kids’ menu, even though I thought better of it, and he was most disgusted with me.

My punishment?

He ate my $9 gourmet bunless burger with fancy goat cheese, bacon, and date paste.


The whole time, saying that chant up there.

I hungry. I still eating.

He licked my plate almost clean. And might I just add that he glared, GLARED, at the waiter who snapped up his plate too early. He stared him down until that poor guy slowly placed the plate right back in front of him and scampered away, while Hank and I hee-hawed with laughter. Not politely quiet laughter, either. Dude nearly lost a hand with that move.

20110411 lunchwithdaddy 39

The bite or two that I did manage was very delicious. Try it if you go – it’s the Date Night Burger, and it’s a lunch special. Totally worth the splurge. I’ll send The Rev with you.

He ended up scooping his quesadilla into the date paste, and then just abandoned that for my fork. I finally bribed him out of there with the promise of his very own water bottle from the Army Surplus Store a few stores down and managed a safe and noiseless extraction.

And now, the call of cool sheets and an episode of Mad Men are calling me, but I might forego the latter since The Rev has had a stomach bug today and I can already hear him becoming restless in his bed. My window of rest might be snapping shut quickly and I might be sorry for not taking advantage of it while I can.