Ever have a day that starts with a sweet face on your baby?

Mary Pantier Photography  278 of 1

That quickly disintegrates into this?

Mary Pantier Photography  279 of 1

It’s called “the stinkeye.” Go on. Have another look.

Mary Pantier Photography  280 of 1

Not sure if you’ve gotten it yet? Oh. Here you go.

Mary Pantier Photography  281 of 1

How ’bout now?


Well, alright… How about over the left shoulder, then?

Mary Pantier Photography  282 of 1

Or just dead on?

Mary Pantier Photography  283 of 1

It’s his new look. He’s a regular comedian, this one. He yells out, “Momma! Thtink-eye!” and I look over to that awesomeness.

And when he’s finished? This is is all I see.

20110502 untitled 78

Oh. And this, too.

20110502 untitled 77

And that’s it.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

Now go forth and stinkeye someone. Go on. It can be your “pay it forward” thing for today…

And P.S. All photos were edited with a b/w action from MCP Actions’ Fusion set called “Peaceful.” Because the way he kept stinkeyeing me made me feel vulnerable, and I needed to compensate.