It’s been so hot lately. I know that it’s nothing compared to what others around the country have been experiencing in this heat wave, but Hank and I are flag waving, card carrying, self proclaimed heat wimps.

But it is giving us the chance to douse ourselves in bug spray and escape to the backyard where I swear it’s 20 degrees cooler in the shade.

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It’s also offered the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the belly of our godawful garage and pull out something fun.

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Oh man.

We have been quite blessed, immensely so, with three boys who we can talk into just about anything silly. This one here? Following in his older brother’s footsteps quite nicely, thank you very much. (Remind me to post a video of the oldest one’s dare to jump into a huge bank of snow in just his underwear. One of the funniest darn things I’ve ever seen.)

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Back to this one, though, man he just kept coming back for more. Ohmyword.

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Coupla mishaps. Did you have a slip ‘n slide growing up? I didn’t. I think we just put tons of those big, black garbage bags out, screwed them into the ground, and laid the hose down on “it” to create a 90-mile-per-hour river that catapulted us into the grass and we hopefully stopped rolling before anything went too wrong.


I feel like I mostly looked like that second picture up there whenever I tried it.

But it didn’t deter that one there. He got right back in the game again.

Belly flop

And then this happened.

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Yeah. He swallowed some water.



And then he relived and retold that story after he stopped sputtering.


Explaining 2

Oh just wait. Here he’s telling us the good part.

Explaining 3

Oh I nearly peed my pants.

Speaking of peeing pants, this little guy is now potty trained. And he’s a good toy stealer.

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He’s a quick one. We’re still working on a certain kink that I won’t get into here (well, not yet, anyway; I guess nothing’s really ever off limits here), but the potty part is in the bag. Or it’s in the Pooh potty, as it were. (And yes, that’s Pooh as in “Winnie the…”, not poohp. That gets back to the kink, which I won’t get into here. Today.)

Have a really, really, good hot day!

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