Might I just ask…

Who doesn’t love a sock monkey?

Yep. I thought nary a hand would raise. When I asked my sweet friend if I could practice photographing her new babe, I had no idea how delightfully fun his room would be.

Sock monkeys

Oh my word. I had to refrain from kicking out the new little man and moving in myself. And clever as they are, they were made by the mama and the papa. Sweet and crafty, this family.

Big brother was really needing a good show of, “To infinity, and beyond!”

20110303 bodeshoot 33

Too bad he’s not supremely likable, charming, or cute.

And the man of the hour?

Mary Pantier Photography  107 of 1

Sweetest little pumpkin.

I’ll tell you, newborn shoots, if I really start to include these in my offerings, will be so, so hard for me. All I wanted to do was pick him up, hold him, and pet his sweet head of hair. And kiss him. And smell him. And gently rub his little furry shoulders.

I’m so thankful the mama knows me and didn’t think I was an absolute nut.

Or at least she didn’t say as much.

Now how about some kissable toes?

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Big brother was making sure he kept his eye on me.

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And little B? He was so alert. No sleeping and smooshing him into funny poses with his hands under his chin. This one was ready to hang out for a while.

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He almost lost the good fight there for a while, so we started slipping hats on him and snuggling him a bit.

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But he didn’t give in. We nestled him back into the coziest blanket known to man, with just a few minutes left to spare before I had to run back to my own baby, and finally…

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He was close to being a goner.

Now I know why most newborn photographers block out about four hours of time for one shoot. These little ones are on their own clock for a while, still trying to navigate a very new world and not miss a thing.

Until next time, little B.