Tea and Fishy Cake.

What a jumble of emotions these past two weeks. And not just with me, thank goodness. Every momma I know is all weepy…our babies are graduating from kindergarten tomorrow, and we’re all both super excited yet terrified of our upcoming summer with these smart little vivacious cookies.

The Goldfish’s teacher invited her students and their parents in for a little tea and treats last week. My middle child made me proud and took one of everything (the young one one-upped him and took two of everything, including juice boxes). One grape, one strawberry, one almond, one cracker, one piece of Chex Mix, one chocolate chip cookie, one milano cookie, one butter cookie, one chocolate cookie, one cookie scone… I had to swipe some of his cookies, wrap them in a napkin, and swear to him that I was saving them for him for later.

I forgot and found them in my camera bag three days later.

He ate them anyway.

Diptych 3

It’s been an excellent year. These boys and girls love their teacher. Love her. As do I. Even The Rev loves her.

And just look how she loves them right back.

She loves them

Good grief. I’m glad you can’t see me trying to type this. I’m on my second box of Kleenex.

I can’t move on, though, without this little added bonus. I pulled out my red Hunter Wellies again due to all of this rain we’ve been having, and The Rev has been following me around chirping on and on about, “We going to the oh-shun?” Lucky for us, we found some puddles on our way out of school after our tea.

20110518 Kindergarten Tea 68

We were supposed to meet Daddy for dinner after the tea.

20110518 Kindergarten Tea 67

We didn’t make it.

20110518 Kindergarten Tea 48

I had two drowned rats in need of a good warm bath after fishing them out of those puddles. It was a ferocious battle between them and the water. Three guesses on who won.

To further kick off our mighty celebratory time of year, The ‘Fish was finally able to have a little birthday cupcake party at school (because I finally got my act together). His birthday falls right after school is out every year, which was awesome for me when I worked in the schools, but not so awesome for our boy who never gets that in-school shindig.

I fixed that.

20110518 Kindergarten Tea 84

Goldfish cupcakes for The Goldfish. Aren’t they hilarious? Little buggy-eyed fish made out of circus peanuts, peanut butter M&M’s, and some mini-M&M’s. If you’re in the mood to make super cuteness in the form of cupcakes, check out What’s New, Cupcake? Your kids, and everyone else for that matter, will tout you as a creative genius and you’ll have Martha Stewart quaking in her socks.

They didn’t hold a candle to the real Goldfish, though. Beaming, I tell you. Holy koi pond.

20110519 K Field Day 2

To be up at the front of the classroom, just waiting for his Happy Birthday song to begin. Well. I didn’t think he was going to make it with his heart still in in his chest.

Then they counted for him; counted those years right out until they arrived at the correct number.

20110519 K Field Day 6

Not there yet…

20110519 K Field Day 8

There we go. The soon-to-be six-year-old.

20110519 K Field Day 7

He quickly handed out his cupcakes and dug right in. I think I saw a puff of smoke go up as he inhaled that poor thing.

20110519 K Field Day 9

And this one. I had to bat him away from the cupcakes like a gnat all morning. Finally he had his victory. But he only ate the eyes and a couple of fins.

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Oh these little minions have a hold on me. I might knock ’em out before the summer’s over, but don’t get worked up about it because I know how to revive them again.

Over and out. And sniffing loudly into my third box of Kleenex, thank you kindly.