I ran out of time the other day and then became quite distracted with all of the birthday partying around here. And yes, it seems as though all that the boys have been eating lately is cupcakes, and that’s partly true between those little celebrations and Valentine’s Day.

None-the-less…here’s more about our morning in Boulder earlier this week. After I finished the Giveo Shooteo, Daddy treated the little man to a little-man-sized cupcake from Tee and Cakes, just for being a good boy while Mommy worked. I’ve said it before, we are not above bribery. Besides, we honestly don’t have sweet treats very often at all (although you wouldn’t know if after the week we’ve had. Good thing I haven’t given in to any of those cute little Girl Scouts. However, there is a very wily one in my neighborhood who told me that I could just donate money v. buying any cookies and she’d be fine with that. Look for her campaigning for President in 2048.).

Little Tommy Terror was quite pleased with this shakedown.

20110215 dayinboco 77

He picked it out himself and carried it like treasure over brick-laden streets.

20110215 dayinboco 81

Then he stopped and said…

20110215 dayinboco 83

“Mommeeth gonna take mah picker.” And then he posed like the Statue of Liberty of Cupcakes.

20110215 dayinboco 85

He licked the frosting for about the whole ten hours it took us to walk the two blocks back to the car.


He stopped a few times, nearly taking out any pedestrians-or-his-father who might have been walking too closely behind him.


Then stopped to roost on a porch to really study his subject and his new gigantoid sticker.


While he was roosting, we finally got him to trust us enough to remove the cupcake paper liner, which opened up the next delicious chapter of How To Eat The World’s Tiniest Cupcake In 11 Hours Or Less.

20110215 dayinboco 102

20110215 dayinboco 103

And just like that, it was over.

20110215 dayinboco 104

He asked to please get in the car and watch Diego.


Love ya.