Yesterday was the big upgrade. The big 2.0 for our tenacious toddler terror.

One of his most favorite things in the world is a bus. He spies them from every vantage point and yells and points, “Mommeeee theeeeee! Buth!” So for his very special treat and surprise, we took the bus into Boulder to have dinner with Daddy.


I’m not sure who was more excited about this extra special treat, the big one or the little one. But every once in a while, when there was a little lurching or bumping of the bus, he would pull my leg over closer to his and my arm across his little round belly like a seatbelt.


He was so blown away. He found a spot to hang on to and let all of that excitement just spill right over.

Mary Pantier Photography  68 of 1

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Big brother acted like he was the driver.

20110216 ewansbirthday 7

And when the bus driver just started to give us the ol’ stinkeye, I laid some Oklahoma-born Midwestern charm on him, talking about how the little one loved buses and it was his birthday and wasn’t it a special treat that we were here and he could join in on their excitement?

He was totally on our side after that. Even said with a hearty chuckle that he was honored to be that little guy’s first bus driver.

20110216 ewansbirthday 3

But he didn’t see him doing this.

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I totally blocked for the Terror so he could do a few stunts. And big brother had his, well, big brother protective eye goggles on to help me look out for any potential dangers.

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And then it was time for our exodus and walk over to Red Robin for boogers and fries, in toddler-speak.

But, alas, we were early because we had gotten all excited and taken an earlier-than-planned bus, so they ran freely amok for a good while before Daddy could meet us.

20110216 ewansbirthday 18

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It’s kinda nice to stretch your legs after a good bus ride. Though it was only 20 minutes. But who’s counting?! It’s a birthday celebration, yes?

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I don’t know what to say about that one up there. He’s doing his old-lady-face again. Oh heavens.

And then the birthday boy? He started licking things. If I were hashtagging this, it would totally be #ewgrossnessanddisgust.

He licked windows and himself and the brick columns, and then he pinned older brother and licked him right in the belly.


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What. Tha. Heck.

I had to distract them both, and I found the perfect thing. They found it about the same time as me…a toy store.

Boys 2

They drove plasma cars around for a while and were given a free book apiece to celebrate the special day (that was awesome; it was Play Fair Toys in Boulder – super nice peeps), and then someone showed up with a few balloons.


We battled our way back out of the toy store and into Red Robin, with more than a few quirky glances thrown our way. Thank goodness the place wasn’t very busy and we had our run of the whole back area.

While this one created a beautiful masterpiece,

20110216 ewansbirthday 26

This one picked one.

20110216 ewansbirthday 27

It’s another one of his most favorite things. He’s quite the nose picker.

And this is one of my most favorite treats. A strawberry lemonade. It looks so happy and curvy and voluptuous.

20110216 ewansbirthday 28

I seriously just called that “voluptuous,” didn’t I?

Oh help me.

The little guy thought it was pretty tasty as well.

20110216 ewansbirthday 29

20110216 ewansbirthday 30

And then? He got a special phone call from Granddaddy.

20110216 ewansbirthday 31

And cake. There was cake. Oh was there cake. And singing. And that sort of freaked him out a little.

20110216 ewansbirthday 32

20110216 ewansbirthday 33

Until they left it on the table, then all was well in 2.0 world again.

20110216 ewansbirthday 34

20110216 ewansbirthday 38

And when our bellies were full, we roly pollied home so he could open his presents.

Some special fireman gloves from Gram,

20110216 ewansbirthday 43

A Leapster from Mommy and Daddy,

20110216 ewansbirthday 41Leapster

A couple books from big brother,

20110216 ewansbirthday 46

20110216 ewansbirthday 47

And a bunch of remote control things and truck things from Gram and Granddaddy and Grandma Mary.

20110216 ewansbirthday 48

20110216 ewansbirthday 49

Big brother, the model.

20110216 ewansbirthday 50

P.S. I’ll be really happy when that one up there doesn’t feel the intense need to look quite so goofy in every picture. And then when he stops, I’ll probably miss it.

Happiness over here. And enjoying the upgrade.