I’ve been reading your blog posts out there. About how wonderful your Thanksgiving was. Friends, family, holiday lights, lotso’ food.

Makes me tired. Ha.

We had the same! And if you can bear to read another Thanksgiving post, welcome.

Each year, we host a Thanksgiving feast for our friends and neighbors who don’t have family in town, nor do they travel.

It’s really just an excuse for Hank to smoke one turkey and deep fry another in the yard.

happy thanks and giving.jpg

Each year, our dinner has been better and better, and this year was no exception. Holden is always ready for a “party.”

meet hop.jpg

He’s such a little host, I swear. He helps me clean, set the table, wrap napkins in twine, put forks in handy containers…you name it.

IMG_1563 - 2010-11-25 at 15-59-02.jpg

table settings.jpg

He’s amazing. And I’m so thankful for the person he is.

I’m also thankful for how festive the men of the evening were.

season's greetings.jpg

And for these. Burgundy mushrooms. They cooked for nine hours to get to this kind of deliciousness.

IMG_1570 - 2010-11-25 at 16-01-11.jpg

And I’m thankful for the liter of wine in there.

I’m really thankful for a kids’ table. Especially since I’ve finally graduated from it.

IMG_1617 - 2010-11-25 at 18-11-27.jpg

I’m thankful for my two Forest Gumps.

pete and repete.jpg

And yep, I’m thankful for the empty bellies that came and conquered and left fulfilled, happy, and victorious. And maybe a little sleepy in that upper right hand corner from all the turkey and pumpkin bread pudding.

food and coma.jpg

Check out our new photographer.

ewan and his camera.jpg

Yep, my cup is full. Lots of exciting things are happening around here this week. Will be posting some of that soon, as well, so check back after a couple of winter’s naps.

Until then, my little turkeys.