That one game in the orange box.

I learned something new about both of my youngest boys this New Year’s Eve. First, the 7yo is a ringer. He’s a game playin’ fool.

And he’s goooood.

After he smoked our socks in a few new games, a friend pulled out an oldie but goodie. Yep. That’s Jenga.

0103 Winter Break-120

0103 Winter Break-123

0103 Winter Break-126

I call this version, TwisterJenga.0103 Winter Break-132

0103 Winter Break-134

0103 Winter Break-138

0103 Winter Break-143

At this point in the game, our 3yo went Tazmanian Devil on us (it was 11:30ish, to be fair), because he finally noticed that there was a tower that could be pushed over on the table. Seriously. He was a little crazy-eyed and Hank had to wrestle him up from underneath the table, where had sneaked off to in order to pound his fists on the underside, trying to knock over the tower.

I was a little horrified, but big bro thought it was pretty funny.

Lord help us all.


0103 Winter Break-147

And then it was big bro’s turn again. Oh the effort…0103 Winter Break-149

And a valiant try – 32 levels, I think.0103 Winter Break-150

And someone was very, very happy.

0103 Winter Break-156

He’s been wandering around the house looking for “that one game in the orange box” ever since.

Hope you had a very, very Happy New Year’s Eve and Day. Here’s to 2013 and blowing your children’s minds. :)