That’s a WOMAN?!

We went through so many scenarios on how to spend Spring Break this year. Last year, we were on our Oregon Coast Adventure (which will go down in our family history of awesomeness), and this year? We thought Oregon again, but no. Then we thought Hilton Head, Charleston, or the mountains. Possibly even California.

And which of those won?



OK Day 1

After flying in to stay with my sister, we made another little trip to see my parents, other sister, and one of my most favorite people in the whole entire world.

20120328 OK DAY 2 27

My man child.

Sweet Aunt Petunia I cannot believe I am a mother to a 21yo.

20120328 OK DAY 2 28

He’s dirty and grimy and gosh darn it if I don’t love him all the more for it.

20120328 OK DAY 2 29

But we should start at the beginning of our day.

There were bean bags. Real bean bags, filled with dried pinto beans. Did you know that these can really, really, really hurt when you get hit in the kidneys with them?

20120328 OK DAY 2 19 2

I so very much love our boys. Please don’t judge me by the look on my face. I didn’t throw that one that hard and he’s smiling…swear.

20120328 OK DAY 2 4


I did yell at the 6yo. Now what were my words exactly? Oh yes.


20120328 OK DAY 2 13 2

20120328 OK DAY 2 3

1. We shall never speak of this picture again.

2. I’m channeling my love for Huston Street.

3. Seriously. Why do I even wear dresses?!

4. Also seriously? The 6yo quoted The Lorax when he saw that picture. Click play.


Such brothers. The 3yo is yelling, “THTOOOOOOP!”

20120328 OK DAY 2 15 2

Hmmmm. Wonder where he gets that wind up?

Oh look. He’s thtill yelling. And just look at all of that bean bag shrapnel.

20120328 OK DAY 2 16 2

After soaking up that perfect warm and sunny sunshine, the boys kicked it in the shade for a bit.

20120328 OK DAY 2 20 2

20120328 OK DAY 2 21

20120328 OK DAY 2 22

And I watched my beautiful Momma do her beautiful thing. Bake bread.


I tell you, that’ll warm more than just your belly.

20120328 OK DAY 2 44

I sat on the front porch for a while, just soaking up my big sis and some heart stuff about our babies.


And then I saw this.

20120328 OK DAY 2 14 2

Good grief.

There was also this one.

20120328 OK DAY 2 12

It was like the Beverly Hillbillies. Because after seeing those two coon dogs, he showed up,

20120328 OK DAY 2 16

Got a little bromance time,


And then?


20120328 OK DAY 2 34


20120328 OK DAY 2 36

20120328 OK DAY 2 37


Thankfully, no one was chased or pecked nor were any eggs broken.

20120328 OK DAY 2 40

Know what else I was thankful for that day?

Bath time.

20120327 OK DAY 2 11


Love ya.