Before we get to the checkup and Holden’s official second blog, I wanted to give a humongous, heartfelt thank you to Gram for taking care of the boys this weekend so that Hank and I could sneak away to the mountains. What a treat for us and the boys all at once. And while we didn’t get hardly any pics of Gram’s visit, there is something that I’d like to share.

I had wondered where Ewan picked up this look,

Until I saw this.

I wonder no more.

And now, Holden’s checkup, blogged by Holden himself.

This is my nurse who helped me with my checkup because I’m five. She took my blood pressure and I got to help with the pumper thing. She’s from South Africa.

This was my hearing test. There were some sounds that were so small that my mom can’t even hear them anymore, because she’s an adult.

And this is my chart that shows how much I’ve grown. I’ve grown 400 pounds. Or maybe 48 pounds.

Then my doctor came in and looked for monkeys in my ears. There weren’t any in there. I guess they all fell out.

The he looked in my mouth maybe for my uvula to see if it didn’t fall off. I don’t know what he found in there.

I was breathing for my heart here. Everything was ok but I think he heard fireworks.

I had to jump on one foot and some other stuff, and then I got to go home. Well, I got shots after this and they didn’t even sting. But my arm itched the next day.