As I was puttering around the kitchen a few evenings ago, Hank helped me triage the hungry ones with some computer time. Usually, this is a viewing, over and over and over and OVER, of “Elmo had four ducks…” but on this night, Hank decided to show Ewan funny videos of cats freaking out.

Cats are funny. Like, point and laugh funny.

They even lure in older brothers.

It makes my face hurt and my sides ache just thinking about it.

I wondered about Holden pulling something on this particular set of hee-hawing.

But then something went terribly wrong on that video. My first instinct was to go see for myself, but then I thought better of it. It was kind of like how, your entire life, if someone says, “OOOOOOH smell this. It smells gross.” and you smell it. Every time. Why do we DO that? It’s never good. And this, this could NOT have been good.

Ohmalord I bust out laughing every time I look at Holden’s face. True shock. What the heck was in that video??

I’ll never know.

And I’ll never ask.

Hank, do NOT comment on this post to tell the rest of us what happened.


Ok Hank? What happened in the video? I’m dying.