The countdown and the super squeeze.

Sometimes, time seems to pass by making really fast car noises. 


This time, it came in the form of summer. With our move, the basement finish, a trip to Florida, awesome friends and family coming in for summer visits, and now the last pieces of furniture being delivered and window coverings filtering in for installation, we are settling. 

And shooting right into second grade and preschool. Lord have mercy.

Our countdown began fervently last week and we’ve purposely slammed on the brakes to squeeze in the last bits of daylight, board game time, swimming, frisbee throwing, bike riding, cookie baking, iPod dancing, sleep over-ing…you name it.

I watched this boy search for the golden snitch for a good strong 45 minutes one evening. He nearly caught the darn thing.

Harry potter collage

It took him another 45 to dig all of the summertime stickers out of the bottoms of his shoes. (By the way? Flip flops + long flowing robe + staff being cheered in the air = weird Moses resemblance, yes? I expected him to belt out, “Let my people go” in a very deep and manly voice any second. Didn’t happen. Wah.)

What summer would be worth its sugar without popsicles on the front porch?


Mary Pantier Photography  2410 of 1

That’s just a plain ol’ summertime necessity, right up to the tops of your sun kissed cheeks, I tell ya.

Mary Pantier Photography  2411 of 1

And when that stickiness has dripped its way down your fingers and wrists and right down to the tip of your elbow, you realize that you’re not too keen on being cut off at just one popsicle a day. Rats.

Hank felt the super squeeze, too. Hence, new super fun thing.


He had to share.

Paddleboarding2Worth it.

Wrapping up swim lessons and very fun outdoor pool time with friends.




Splish splash

And finally, learning the real words to Little Bunny Foo Foo, not that “kissing them on the head” nonsense. That field mouse got bopped and that’s why the Good Fairy got on to him. Puhleese, Disney Toddler Tunes. 


How did you like collage day? ;) There was a lot to catch you up on.  

As for tonight, we have nice clothes laid out for tomorrow’s first day of school for Holden, and a playdate scheduled for Ewan who won’t start preschool until next week.

And we have an emotional house – Momma included – but all will be good over extra coffee tomorrow and the busyness that awaits. After all, someone is getting a pizza sandwich for lunch, but it’s not me. Wah.

Happy start of school-ing!