The dance. {yoga}

Day 3, Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Intensive.

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.

:Hopi Indian saying:

I can’t help but post this first duo of pictures, ones of the pregnant form being studied and discussed. How a woman’s body changes and shifts and accommodates another little being is a miracle! I’ve always thought that it’s a miracle that anyone becomes pregnant, and a miracle that one doesn’t. So intricate. So powerful. So amazing.


And then they explore the restrictions of the body’s movement in that last trimester; but also the limitless action that we all have in the subtleties. Look carefully at the movement of the momma’s belly in the three pictures below her resting: she’s working her transverse abdominals that release and hug her baby (she’s 38 weeks pregnant, by the way).

3rd trimester practice

Isn’t that cool?

More mommas in motion, all in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.

20110514 Yoga Day 3 11

And the opportunity to teach one another in small groups.

20110514 Yoga Day 3 4

20110514 Yoga Day 3 7

More of their practice. It becomes very introspective during that last trimester. The natural intuition sets its own intention and invitation to baby here.

20110514 Yoga Day 3 9

20110514 Yoga Day 3 16

It’s really quite lovely to see.

20110514 Yoga Day 3 10

20110514 Yoga Day 3 17

20110514 Yoga Day 3 8

Then the invitation is extended to the larger community, beyond the intensive, for more pregnant women to join the dance. De taught an open class to women in any stage of their pregnancies to come practice, while the rest of us observed.

20110514 Yoga Day 3 18

20110514 Yoga Day 3 23

(De’s lovely clothing today comes from a local, Boulder company called Vistara.)

Yoga class

De collage

And they danced.

20110514 Yoga Day 3 5