The donut ride = The Friday Song

This is pretty much how a Friday goes in my house.

6YO: What’s tomorrow?

Me: Friday.


Pause for a night of sleeping.

6YO: What day is it?

Me: Friday.

6YO: Will you PLEEEEEASE sing the Friday song?? And then, can we pleeeeeease go wait for Daddy on the front porch?!

Me, channeling my friend, Tyler, NOT THAT MORONIC REBECCA BLACK SONG:

♫ Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day ♪
♪ Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day ♫
♫ Monday is a bummer…♪
♪ Tuesday’s only fair…♫
♫ Wednesday’s gettin’ better…♪
♪ Thursday’s almost there, but…♫
♫ Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite, ♪
♫Friday is my favorite, ♫
♫ Friday is my favorite day ♪

6YO (trying to sing along but not remembering the words, really): …Day, …favorite, …Friday…

And scene.

Each Friday morning, Hank gets up around 6ish, loads up his bike, and goes on the Donut Ride. The Donut Ride consists of about 14-15 miles, is not hardcore, but all of the riders wear their fanciest pants as they tool around for about an hour or so and end up at Tee and Cakes for donuts. Boulder, being Boulder (I heart it), doesn’t really have a proper donut shoppe, you see. So every Friday, T&C takes it upon themselves to have donuts and coffee, thereby being the catalyst for the best networking opportunity on that awesome day that serves as every good weekend’s kickoff.

Hank smooshes three gooey donuts in his cycling jersey, two with sprinkles and one chocolate-glazed, and rides back to Angry Bovine’s World Headquarters to retrieve his vehicle, has a quick “whatever meeting” with Angry Jay from Angry Bovine, and is back home by about 8:30 or 9:00.

This is what he comes home to.

Donut day

Donut day 2

20110701 Donut Day 0731 8

Donut day 3

(They don’t look alike AT ALL. Nope.)

Donut day 4

Friday is our favorite day.

P.S. Wanna order your very own Invisible Window cycling kit? Click here. It’s making cyclists everywhere look even skinnier. Even after the Donut Ride.