the eggs have it.

Did you know that, on average, eggs bought in the grocery store are already about 30-days old?

I don’t know why I am a little grossed out by that. Old cheese is usually pretty yummy. So is old wine. I’m old, and I usually like me.

But old eggs, hmmm.

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I sat down to write this post and make a case about differences in taste between farm-fresh and store-bought eggs. I’ve read a few articles that say there’s no taste difference, then some that say there is. I’ve read write-ups on the nutritional value of farm-fresh far outweighing their store-bought cousins (that one stands as truth on its own; haven’t found the contrary). There’s a lot of material out there.

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I’m no scientist. But I’m a pretty savvy consumer (except for the times that I’m not), and I do see a difference in farm-fresh eggs. The yolks are orange, which is an indicator that the chickens who laid those eggs were true free-rangers, hunting for bugs and scratching for treats, not just sitting in 12 inches of space per bird and feeding on corn- and soy-based powdery pellets. And the whites stand strong instead of bubbling away while cooking.

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Our chickens get daily leftover fruits and vegetables, and the occasional mealworm treat in addition to their feed and scratch grains.

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And then there’s this from a friend:

…My little [18mo] eats next to nothing and is super tiny, and that has long been a huge source of frustration and perceived failure for me (he doesn’t like my cooking!?!?). I’ve got to tell you–he gobbles up your eggs like I’ve never seen from him. At any meal- breakfast, lunch or dinner. He wasn’t like that with our previous eggs. He is a very sophisticated egg eater thanks to you! Thanks for getting my boy some protein.

She’s not the only one to tell us this story. And you know what? When in doubt? Trust dogs and babies.

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P.S. Our dog loves farm-fresh eggs, too.

P.P.S. Our dog also loves rabbit poop. Not sure about what that means regarding the eggs. ;)