The Erie Mayoral and Trustee election was this past Thursday at our local sports bar, Parkway. We love this place. It’s like our own, personal little hideaway in our small town where you always see friends, there’s always talk about baseball, and there’s always ice cream right next door. Add to that its close proximity to our house and the fact that we can walk home when we need to, we’ve fallen in love with where we live all over again.

We celebrated a great run and honored everyone’s support of and with our current Mayor Moore, Mayoral candidate Cheryl Hauger, and Hank’s fellow Trustee candidates Joe Carnival, Mark Gruber, and Matt Williams. And while half of our party celebrated victory and half celebrated simply running, it was a fantastic evening. Our awesome friends, Jay and Scott, were sure that Hank was aware that we were celebrating his loss at every turn, mostly because all Tuesday nights will now be free for softball playing and beer drinking afterwards.

Three truly spectacular girls who work at the Erie Community Center with me: Crystal, Liz, and Heidi.

Cheryl Hauger, Mayoral candidate and current Trustee.

Hank, glued to the Rockies game v. the Brewers. It was a loss for them that night as well, but I bet their friends didn’t celebrate like we did.

Liz Carnival, working the friend-crowd. That girl is amazing.

Mark Gruber, an amazing asset to our community and town. Now known as Trustee Gruber, and we are thrilled for it. We are so very lucky!

And here’s another of our newest on the Board, Trustee Joe Carnival, pre-election results. He will be remarkable on the Board.

Mayor Moore, reading a moving piece of work to honor everyone’s dedication to our town.

Oh man, this picture is probably one of my top two faves of the night. Meet Matt Williams, candidate for the Board. He’s 24, a high school history teacher, and golf and running coach. And, the newest recruit on Hank’s Tuesday night Softball Team: the Erie Podunks. What a great guy.

A much anticipated moment for Joe – election results are in and so is he! Congratulations, my friend.

And congratulations to his wife, Liz. She was more nervous than he was. I know exactly how she feels. Great job, girl!

And here’s the rest of the crew. The Loser Crew. Just kidding. We love you guys: Ali, Scott, Jay, Beth (not pictured) and David.

And finally, the silly pic. Good job baby!