As per our yearly ritual, we set off to find the elusive Easter eggs. This picture, so it seems, was taken just before Hank’s favorite moment of the day. Perhaps it is funny that post picture opp Holden sneezed and tooted at the exact same time, which was followed by Holden exclaiming, “Bless me, and pardon me!”

I walked Holden over to the 4-6 year-old section and gave him the only parental advice I could in good conscience: throw elbows and run as fast as you can to the back of the field to work your way back this way. He gave me the “thumbs up” right after this.

And he’s off. Look at that focus.

He spies his first victim. Man, he’s such a kamikaze.

Closer, closer.

Pull up buddy! Pull up!

And he launches forward again! (Wow. I sure hope he can find some of those elusive eggs. I can hardly see any…)

Let’s see how Ewan fared.

No way are my eggs going in there.

And, this is where Daddy almost dropped him. Ewan does lurch forward often in a very trusting way. This will end badly someday. Hopefully not on my watch.

Just look at that concentration.

Ewan then spied Holden.

Who was being weird.

But who was also very happy to show off his loot.

Holden had to take pictures with the princesses, who I’m certain were super impressed by his wicked smile.

All while Ewan turned in his prize ticket for a wonderful, blue dodge ball.

Holden’s gum accidentally flew from his mouth and got rocks in it,

And Ewan starting honing his own mad skills with the ladies…

By repeatedly knocking his heart’s desire on the head with an Easter egg.

Even Holden knew that this was bad.

We thought that was a good time for an exodus.

Have a Happy Easter everyone!